For today (FEB 28) and the whole month of March, I'm donating 25% of sales on dosecreative.com to the United Rare Disease Foundation. Funding from the government sector is so limited that it's up to private citizens to make a difference!! Get art while helping a cause or you can skip getting art and donate directly to - https://www.rarediseasefoundation.org

You can also find more info from my friend Marissa's website documenting the story of her son Curren - http://nerissaramsey.weebly.com/blog/rare-disease-day-2017-hope-through-research

24 Hours of Art

I went live for 24 hours on IG during the inauguration of you know who. Doing what I can to create art during troubling times. Here is a time-lapse of that day. 24 hours, turned into 4 minutes. I create travel art using my photography plus design background.

 The only music that fit was Moon Hoch's #9.  You can download their new EP for free but I would donate something. All of their music is great. Support music, support art in 2017. http://www.moonhooch.com/joshua-tree-ep/

The Travel Art Project

The Travel Art Project is now live on Kickstarter. Click on the image to find out more! I hope you choose to contribute and get some great art in the process!


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Dose Creative will be at the Thornton Park Wine and Art Walk this Thursday. We did this last month and it was awesome. Connected with so many people and made a lot of friends. Stop by if you get the chance, sip on some wine, sip in some art.

MIAMI - #3

No: 3 in our series for the month of March - Welcome to Miami.



The second in our city/place a day print is Savannah. Old school architecture, ghosts, and open container, what more can you ask for. I combined the skyline with iconic Forsyth fountain with other graphic elements to produce this piece.

Orlando - #1

We are releasing a fine art print of our travel inspired designs, one every day in the month of March. All prints are one offs, signed and numbered by Jackson #1/1. Printed using archival canvas paper with archival inks. There are no reproductions of these prints. 

I combine photographs I've taken with watercolor backgrounds and other design elements to create a unique work of art. Again, these are limited editions of one.

The first piece is Orlando. My hometown and one that I have seen change into a city full of culture and amazing people. It is truly now a city. Combined images of the iconic Lake Eola fountain with the expanding Orlando skyline.

 For commission work contact Dose Creative at info@dosecreative.com


Spring Fiesta in the Park at Lake Eola, Orlando, Florida.

I should of posted this awhile ago but better late than never. Here are some photos from Lake Eola Spring Fiesta in the Park - had a great time and got to vibe with some wonderful people (and what a great looking group!). Talking music and art, it doesn't get any better than that. To anyone who ever bought a poster form Dose Creative, THANK YOU! It means so much and I appreciate everyone of you. Hopefully I'll be a part of the next Fiesta in the Park.

Astro - #1

I recently received my Astro Timelapse plus Motion Controller in the mail. It was part of a Kickstarter project and took awhile to get but man is it cool. It takes stop motion images while rotating to give motion. It is super cool and I'm excited to test this thing out. The first test was a stop motion at work. Set up the camera in the center of the room and did a 360. Imported the stills into photoshop along with a jdilla beat and this is what you got. What is just another boring day at the office suddenly becomes interesting.